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Avira CEO: A look back at 2015 and our security outlook for 2016

What a year in security it was – and the outlook ahead of us in 2016 is even more challenging.

Looking back, we had three major areas of achievement at Avira during the year.

  1. Going on the offensive – Avira went directly against adware distributors. We won one court case and filed a lawsuit against for unfair business practices. We worked to upset the business model of distributors of Potentially Unwanted Applications through our security detections, in court, and by providing a secure alternative with
  2. Rolling out new technology – we continued to roll out the Avira Protection Cloud to consumers, businesses, and our OEM users. We started work on the Avira Scout browser which will give all computer users a secure and private online experience.
  3. Confirmed excellence – Independent test results confirmed the technical and operational excellence of Avira products. A short list of this recognition includes AV-Comparatives,, CHIP, VB-100, and Consumer Reports.

Our global reach grew

The Avira product portfolio continued to expand, directly protecting 10s of millions of users and their devices across multiple platforms. In addition, our reach extended to 100s of millions through OEM licensing partnerships – where Avira technology goes under the hood of another company’s security products. These OEM deals are an area of significant growth and an opportunity to protect more users and devices globally.

During the year, we continued to evolve – as a company and as individuals – to meet the demands of our users and of our business tomorrow.  It has pushed us to incorporate effectiveness, efficiency, automation, and scalability into our daily work.

2016 is going to be an exciting year

Our anti-malware security solutions will continue to be at the core of what we deliver to the market, as malware continues to be the biggest threat our users are facing today. However, the threat landscape is evolving and vulnerability has gone beyond malicious programs. To insure that our users – primarily consumers – remain protected, we will be reinforcing our technology leadership in multiple product areas and communicating this more effectively. We will also be establishing additional large-scale OEM partnerships as an effective way to protect even more people and devices globally.

Starting in Q1, we will launch a bunch of new technologies; a network anonymizer client (vpn), a software updater, our Scout browser, and many other new features in our existing portfolio. All of our core components will be available as APIs or SDKs, enabling others to build on top of our technology and reach additional customer segments. Together, these steps will enable us to protect even more people and their devices.

The Avira promise in 2016 & beyond: “Protect People in the Connected World”.

Chief Executive Officer