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Valentine’s Day and Romancing the Phone

It’s time you let your iPhone help you make the big romantic decisions ahead of Valentine’s Day: Will you choose red, white, or brown?

Valentine’s Day can be a problematic time for people that consider it a negative “EEE”: Event for Emotional Exploitation.

In some ways, you’d like to ignore it as a overly commercialized, mass-market event, but you don’t want to be considered a forgetful, inconsiderate cad.  To show your disregard for this day – and your regard for the significant other – you really need to have something planned well beforehand – like some flowers or chocolate. And you need to do this privately, all by yourself.

Combining brainstorming and a brief walk through the Nuremberg center, I came up with three basic options: red cut roses or tulips, white roses or tulips, or brown bulbs.

With these ideas in mind, I was able to quickly take care of the operational details as I strolled through the center. I snapped pictures of the potential flowers, recorded the location where they were sold, and had a record of the prices – then securely hid these details away in the Avira Vault so my ideas could remain completely my own.


Then I rated my findings:

  • Red roses are the traditional favorite. But, really, who needs tradition?
  • White flowers looked beautiful, but somehow they lacked something – like tradition.
  • Tulips, especially the single-color ones, seemed fine, but … I only saw the cut ones.

These pictures helped me find what I was really looking for – and didn’t see – bulbs for classic red tulips that could blossom in the house now, then go out to the garden for next year. The clock is ticking.


As a PR Consultant and journalist, Frink has covered IT security issues for a number of security software firms, as well as provided reviews and insight on the beer and automotive industries (but usually not at the same time). Otherwise, he’s known for making a great bowl of popcorn and extraordinary messes in a kitchen.