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Ready to do a Marie Kondo style cleanup of your passwords? (It’s for your own good)

Nobody ever enjoys their passwords – and there is a reason for that. It’s simply a pain to create and remember a secure one. This is one of the reasons why people go for easy out and reuse a simple password across multiple accounts.

That’s why it’s time to stop treating password management as a security issue and start treating it as a source of joy.

The numbers say make it fun

A recent survey shows that people really want a “Marie Kondo” approach where they focus on the liberating influence of a password manager and jump over that fear of misplacing a password.

This online survey of 2,519 Avira Password Manager users found convenience and speed were the two most popular reasons to have a password manager (don’t forget passwords -47% and log in more quickly and easily-48%). These two attributes were valued more than the traditional security-based reasons (passwords that are as secure as possible-45% and protection against hackers – 44%). In addition, a significant group also wanted convenience at their fingertips, having passwords anytime, anywhere, on any device (38%).

“The data shows we need to emphasize the way a password manager makes life easier,” said Tim Gaiser, head of the Avira Identity Management project. “Freedom is a much better message than focusing on Fear, Uncertainty and Dread.”

Unlock more joy in life with a password manager

The Maria Komdo approach is rooted on getting rid of the things and possessions which do not bring joy to life. That sounds like the average collection of passwords – as essential as they are. To free up our time and our minds to do more enjoyable tasks, we can hand over this boring and insecure to a password manager.

Here are 5 style suggestions how using a password manager can bring joy and tidy up your online life:

  1. Respect your passwords – For all the protection they do, passwords are amazingly under appreciated. We need them – and we need strong ones. A password manager helps create strong passwords and reminds you when – perhaps unintentionally – a password has been recycled.
  2. Stack them neatly – Many people have passwords everywhere – desk, bulletin board, and scattered across a couple devices. A password manager lets you neatly organize your passwords and private notes.
  3. Get it all within reach – A good password manager goes with you – synching passwords across your device portfolio. This means no more having to reenter passwords between devices.
  4. (Quickly) clean up the other guy’s mess – In case someone else loses your data through a hack or a breach, Avira Password Manager Pro will warn you. Even better, it will help you quickly change the affected passwords, reducing your exposure to someone else’s failings.
  5. Be secure (of course) – And yes, a password manager should keep your passwords secure on devices and in the cloud with its military-grade encryption. For even more security, only you should know your master password. True password security should start and finish with you.

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