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Opt-out from Potentially Unwanted Applications

This new Avira video will bring back the memories and will show you why it’s important to pay close attention all throughout the installation process of every new program on your device.

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Do you know what’s in the bundle?

Potentially Unwanted Applications are usually more or less hidden in software bundles. In other words, while you are under the impression of installing only one program on your computer, you agree in fact to install additional services that might completely damage the regular activities you lead on your device.

Your computer will be slower than ever, unfamiliar programs will appear on your desktop and your browser will make you feel like it’s Christmas every day: pop-ups, ads… not to mention a collection of useless toolbars. Not exactly the kind of surprises that would be welcomed in the most wonderful time of the year but just as colored, noisy and cheerful.

Whenever you are planning to install new programs on your computer, make sure to read carefully through the terms and conditions of the agreement and opt-out from any action that leads to installing potentially unwanted applications in the process.

Sometimes, protecting your computer is a simple as that: unchecking the right boxes at the right time.


As a security company, many of our efforts have been directed towards stopping potentially unwanted applications from spreading. Earlier this year we released a new set of ethical guidelines for all vendors and distribution partners to respect little time after our CEO, Travis Witteveen, wrote on our blog about the dangers associated to PUAs. We’re doing everything possible to protect you from any kind a digital threat so make sure you are fully aware of all digital risks associated to software downloads and stay safe.

PR & Social Media Manager @Avira.