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No more embarrassing smartphone moments!

No more embarrassing smartphone moments!

Say goodbye to butt calls and other embarrassing smartphone moments. With the new pocket protection feature in Avira Optimizer for Android, you don’t need to worry if your smartphone screen is locked or not before putting it in your pocket or bag. This feature enables your device to automatically lock after it’s been placed in your pocket or bag, or when you simply put it screen-side down on the table. You can even turn the screen off with a wave of your hand – sounds like magic but it really works.

Are you a digital snacker?

Unlike a laptop, we usually don’t just sit in front of the smartphone for a two-hour, seven-course meal of online surfing. Instead, we snack – take a bite here, another nibble here, and yet another digital tidbit somewhere else. Between each digital bite, the device goes back in the pocket or bag or on the table without locking the screen – and that’s where the problems start.

Butt calls or Tinder disasters from accidental phone swipes are not just urban legends. Google researchers found that around 30% of phone calls to the 911 emergency service in San Francisco were accidental calls from unlocked devices. There is a long list of embarrassing things that can and do happen with unlocked devices: messed up Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat accounts, private stuff sent to the boss, and even costly events like an accidental stream of expensive messages. The stop-n-start nature of digital snacking leads to a number of problematic moments which simply couldn’t happen with a regular computer – but who wants to carry that big device everywhere? No one! So you better start looking for a smart solution to your pocket-sized problem.

Digital snacking without embarrassing moments

Avira Optimizer and its new pocket protection feature is all about providing convenience to make your life easier, cheaper, and more secure. What’s there not to like about a feature that helps prevent butt calls and other embarrassing moments, one which will lock the device screen when you simply flip the device face down on the table? And there is even more. By helping you automatically turn off the screen, the feature helps increase your battery life, saving you just enough power to reach a charger.

Optimize your life with Avira Optimizer

The new pocket protection functionality dovetails into Avira Optimizer’s package of device optimizing features. Avira Optimizer automatically enhances your smartphone’s speed and performance in three easy steps: analyze, clean and optimize. But the app does more than just remove junk files, it also identifies other files which are threatening to slow down the device. The Private Data Cleaner feature helps you to wipe sensitive data like the browser history, call logs or that WhatsApp cache off your phone. Avira Optimizer for Android can be downloaded for free via the Google Play store or on

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