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Please Welcome Avira Scout …

Our shiny new browser finally has a name and it’s *drumroll* *dramatic pause*


As you might know we have a Secure Browser in development. If not, head over to the Beta Center or to one of our awesome blog articles talking about it and check it out. Anyway – ever since we started to talk about the browser it was always ‘just’ the Avira Secure Browser, which is all good and well since it is supposed to be a secure browser. But it’s not really a real name. Nothing memorable. Nothing that sticks.

That’s why, a long time ago, we started to search for a browser name. First internally and then even externally, involving you guys! After quite some research, user testing, and evaluation we are really happy to finally have found the right name, Avira Scout.

And the winners are …

The best thing? It was one of the names suggested to us through our Browser Name Competition. Before announcing the winners though, we have a few more facts from said competition for you, namely the top three names we received:

  • Umbrella – This must be the single most suggested browser name by you guys. It’s a really cool and catchy name but sadly won’t work for several reasons. 🙁
  • Ariva – This suggestion made the second place (it’s Avira spelled backwards).
  • BrAvira/BroVira/AVrows/Av-Bro – A lot of very nice combinations of browser and Avira.

Ok. Let’s get on with it. Without further ado the winners of our Browser Name Competition are:

  • August Megalo who suggested the name Avira Scout
  • Oscar Papenhoven who suggested the name Scout
  • Edwin Choo who suggested the name Avira Orb which was considered as a name, too and was one of the runner-ups.

Congratulation folks! You are the happy winners of a FREE Avira Antivirus Pro license and a cool Avira T-Shirt.

Why Avira Scout?

Last but not least I wanted to share some cool facts and thoughts about the name Avira Scout, some of which might have influenced our decision:

  • Scout is very recognizable: Even in non-English speaking countries one knows the word.
  • Scout can be used as a verb, too. For example: Let’s scout this.
  • The scout movement stands for helpfulness, honesty, and integrity amongst other qualities – something we want our browser to stand for, too.

We hope you like the browser name as much as we do. Feel free to tell us in the comments below what you think!

EMEA & APAC Content Manager @ Norton & Avira | Gamer. Geek. Tech addict.