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Phantom VPN – The art of hiding in plain sight

The Avira Phantom VPN for Windows, Android, and Mac/iOS OX  is an easy-to-use and intuitive app. Let’s take the Phantom VPN for a test drive:

Phantom VPN Sign In

Easy to use

Shortly after you install Phantom VPN, you realize just how simple it is to cover your tracks while navigating online. You only need to select one of the countries from which your IP will appear to be coming from and then click on “Secure my connection”.

Phantom VPN countries

If you register, you will have 1GB of data traffic available per month, an additional 500MB than if you decide not to introduce your credentials. Even better, after subscribing to the Pro version, you will have unlimited data traffic.

Covers about everything

Unlike a browser-based Virtual Private Network, Avira Phantom VPN goes beyond your online browsing to secure all your traffic, not only the one from the browser. It has your back for whatever action you take while using your device.


Unlimited number of devices

Oh, and one more thing: the number of devices you can secure with your Phantom VPN is unlimited. Pretty awesome, right?

Now, let’s recap:

  •  You have 1GB of data traffic for free if you register and unlimited data traffic if you upgrade to the Pro version
  • Online navigation will be secured
  • You can be in both Europe and the USA in the same time (*according to your IP address)
  • Secure unlimited number of devices with one registration name

If you’re still not convinced about the benefits that Avira Phantom VPN can provide to your online experience, then you can also check out this article outlining five reasons to use a VPN.

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