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PayPal says: This Microchip Will Be Your Password

First off there is Yahoo, who wants you to unlock mobile phones with your ears and knuckles. Then there is research going on which is centered on the “secrets” you and your smartphone share. And now PayPal has its own idea on what the new way to make your password safe and easy should look like.

The idea is actually a rather simple one. Instead of having to remember your password and trying to make sure that it stays really secure so that no one can steal it, PayPal wants you to swallow a pill. It’s not a normal pill though but one which thrives in the acid environments of your stomach. Embedded in it is a tiny microchip with all relevant information – it will allow you to log into your account without ever having to create and/or remember a password again.

According to PayPal the next wave of passwords will be edible, ingestible or injectable.


Johnathan Leblanc, the Global Head of Developer Evangelism at PayPal, believes that the next wave of passwords will be edible, ingestible or injectable and will remove the  – what he calls – “antiquated” ways of confirming your identity. To protect against being hacked all data would be of course encrypted.

Find out more about this and other ideas from PayPal in the report from the Wall Street Journal.

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