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Our Online Essentials Dashboard just got better

Your dedicated dashboard to manage security across all your devices now has significantly improved the overall user experience. Besides the regular updates, our product team just released several features in Online Essentials, making it a lot more easier for you to protect your digital life.

Protection status in the dashboard

Online Essentials header

When managing multiple devices, visibility, information and control are key. This is why the Online Essentials Dashboard has now a lighter header with specific protection status and error messages, putting users in control of their devices security. You will be able to identify the security status of all your devices as soon as you log into your dashboard, straight from the header.

Enhanced security on all your devices

Online Essentials Store

We wanted to make sure that you are being fully protected against cyber-criminals so we made it easier for you to install additional security applications and thus enhance the overall security across all your devices. Thanks to the new “Store” tab, Avira users can purchase and upgrade their products directly from the Online Essentials dashboard. From now on, you will be able to improve your mobile security or install browser protection within seconds.

Simplified deployment of your security applications

Online Essentials simplified deployment

Efficiency is definitely a key advantage for Avira’s Online Essentials users. Thanks to the simplification of the deployment mechanism, users are now able to connect to their dashboard and add applications on their offline devices; the installation will be done automatically as soon as those devices are connected to the Internet.

Business owners can also use one installer to efficiently set up their Online Essentials networks. Use one personalized Launcher kit to install Avira security products on all company’s devices and they will automatically get connected to your Dashboard, offering you a single security management interface.

Experience the newest features today, connect to your Online Essentials dashboard and let us know what you think about the recent improvements.



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