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Online Essentials: We’ve upped the security in your account and your device

With more devices, licenses, and products connected via Online Essentials, it was clear that our users deserved additional layers of security. Now that “two-factor authentication” has been added to the Online Essentials dashboard, we’ve done just that.

What is essentially new in Online Essentials?

If you are using Avira Online Essentials, you are already aware that you can add a password to your user account. Now this has been has been supplemented by two-step verification that uses your mobile device. Enabling the new SMS verification feature in Online Essentials takes only a few steps.

Only a few steps for two-Step Verification

Activation starts with you logging into your Online Essentials account. Begin by clicking on Settings, select Edit Profile, and then go to Two-Step Verification. The dashboard will ask you to write in your mobile phone number. After this number has been entered, you’ll receive a SMS text message with the five-digit code.

Once this code has been added to the dashboard, the additional security of two-step verification has been activated in your Online Essentials account. Whenever you log into your account, the verification code will be sent to your phone to ensure that the holder of the mobile device is indeed the person in the Online Essentials account.

You might not want a notification sent to all your devices. No problem. You have the option to choose which devices that should not be sent this verification message.


An essential history

A Login History tab will be added to the Settings section after you have enabled two-step verification. In this tab, you can see what devices have been logged into your account and spot suspicious activities . Also, if somebody is trying to connect to your dashboard, you will receive a text notification to your phone and email address.

Login history in Online Essentials
Login history in Online Essentials

With everything double secured, you can now use the Online Essentials dashboard with complete confidence. Don’t wait anymore and enable your two-step verification today.

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