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The Avira Online Essentials Dashboard: what’s essential about it?

Nowadays, taking care of your digital security is no longer reduced to downloading an antivirus program to your personal computer and hope not to catch any viruses while surfing the web. Your digital life has become an extension of all your most important daily activities and you now have to worry also about things like the photos and videos stored on your mobile devices or your email account being breached. Not to mention, how do you protect your close ones when IT isn’t exactly their cup of tea?

Avira Online Essentials: Your dedicated dashboard to manage your security across multiple devices

What if we told you that we can grant all our users access to a dashboard that allows them to manage the security level across all the devices they own and for as many users as they wish? This dashboard is real, it’s called Online Essentials and it is truly…essential, see it for yourself in the video below.

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The Avira Online Essentials dashboard gives you an overview of the security applications installed on all your devices and helps you do so for other users as well. You won’t have to worry anymore about your mom’s antivirus expiring without you knowing, it has never been easier to help her keep her computer’s protection up-to-date.

Surfing the web is also safer now that Avira has integrated the Browser Safety feature in the Online Essentials dashboard. You just have to make sure to install our browser extension and we’ll keep you away from malicious websites. To get any worries related to phishing attacks off your mind, we added the Identity Safeguard feature to the menu, so that you can be the first to know about data breaches that may have an impact on your email account.

You’ll enjoy being able to protect and manage your computer, tablet and smartphone’s security in one single place but wait, there’s more. In case you have trouble locating your mobile device, the anti-theft feature helps you find it, block it or even wipe all personal data stored on it remotely. This way, you make sure to prevent any unauthorized access to your private information. A full data report on your device can also be exported from the dashboard to help the police find your stolen smartphone or tablet.

There’s a lot of other cool stuff you can do directly from the Online Essentials dashboard, like organizing a remote connection session in case you need to take over the control on one of your devices from distance.

The best news about the Avira Online Essentials dashboard? It’s free for all Avira users! Register now and unlock all the cool features:

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