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Online banking risks – Use your browser to reduce them

Along the connection between a browser and a server, cyber-criminals have found a way to create a lot of damage to individuals and companies for many years. This is why, securing this “road” through the browser is a vital need for everyone doing online shopping or banking.

Are you hiding your data?

Anyone can sniff our personal data when we are connected to a WiFi network. So, encrypting this connection is the only way to keep the bad guys out. When using our Avira Scout Browser, it’s enough just to click on the icon next to the URL bar and you’ll be one step ahead of the bad guys.

Make your data secure with HTTPS protocol

This icon is, in fact, HTTPS Everywhere. HTTPS Everywhere is an extension by the EFF, that switches on the HTTPS protocol for a list of home pages. The encryption also creates a secure tunnel for banking and email credentials and it authenticates the server, working like a passport for the user. So when you’re wondering “Is it really my bank I am talking to?”, you can be more confident that you are not letting a cyber-criminal have your data.


For more security, you can also enable the “Block all HTTP requests”, to reduce the risks of an SSL stripping attack, but we should warn you that this may break a number of pages.

http block

Don’t fall for the stripper

The bad guys are just around the corner and waiting for the perfect time to attack. Although a user may have installed a security shield or Antivirus against cyber-attacks, the danger is still there. A SSL stripping attack can occur anytime and it can unlock (not decrypt) the encryption, so the connection will be vulnerable again (“https” becomes “http”). You surely don’t want to imagine what’s up next. To make sure that your browser is not vulnerable, please check the URL bar and see if the lock is activated. From time to time, it’s even advisable to hover over the URL link, to check the certificate of the site you are accessing.

Check if the lock is active in front of the URL link.

Keep it safe with Scout

When developing Avira Scout, we had in mind that a browser should focus more on the users’ security and privacy. Our award-winning technology, directly integrated into the browser, is not only blocking infected and phishing websites that could attack your devices, but it also forces thousands of websites to use the “https” protocol. This way, you add a security layer for your online operations.

As said before, Avira Scout is built for your security and privacy, and that certainly includes your online banking transactions. Just try it and be more secure while surfing online.

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