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Onboarding – New employees at Avira

In  the first couple of days the flood of information for new employees is huge. Avira is no exception. Luckily there is a two-day Onboarding event for new employees! It helps to inform them about targets, products, processes, decision-makers, and point of contacts.

Many companies have a policy like “Throw him in at the deep end and he will learn the fastest.” or “Your colleague had no training either and the work gets done nonetheless.” Luckily that’s not the case at Avira and I am very thankful for it. My first days in the company already date back to July but I was warmly welcomed by the team and led to learn about the processes and products.

As a new member of the Social Media team at Avira I take care of the blog content and our Social Media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. I’m always on the lookout for new exciting content from the company so that our readers and followers can learn more about the people, the products, and – of course – about Avira.

The Onboarding

But back to topic. The official Onboarding at Avira – which means an introduction event for new employees – takes place about every 3 months. For the event we (the new employees) all travel from different offices to the Avira headquarter in Tettnang. This time new employees arrived from Bucharest (Romania), Munich (Germany) and the United Kingdom. There were also a couple of colleagues who didn’t have to travel at all since they’re located in the Tettnang region.

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Onboarding – Day 1

In the morning Anja Michael, Vice President Global of Human Resources welcomed us at Avira. After a short speech our Management team introduced themselves and during a short breakfast we had time for some small talk.

In the course of the morning we received an overview of the different business areas at Avira when our Human Resources, Marketing, and CSI (Cloud Services & Infrastructure) departments introduced themselves. Following a delicious lunch in our canteen, Product Development presented each product including their features and specifics. I already had a good overview but the introduction mentioned details and features I wasn’t aware of before. By the way, that’s true for all the presentations and workshops: So thumbs up!

Beside the antivirus software for Windows, Avira has an impressively big range of products, so this part took nearly all afternoon. An introduction to the Auerbach foundation ended the first day of Onboarding. Tjark Auerbach, the creator of Avira, started the foundation in April 2005. It accompanies and teaches kids during their expeditions into the digital world. Their foci are on digital life helpers and on projects to strengthen the local IT sector of Baden-Württemberg.

We ended the first Onboarding day in Friedrichshafen next to Lake Constance. Over a good dinner we talked about our experiences at Avira and – of course – about the day.

Onboarding @Avira - group picture of new employees

Onboarding – Day 2

The second day started with insights into the world of our Customer Service department (at least that’s what we thought the agenda point meant). We were quickly disabused though: The department of course consists of our Customer Service team that helps you via mail and phone. But then it’s split into the more general requests and the in-depth technical ones. And there is another sub-divisions called “Customer Insights”: Aside from other things these experts take care of our Beta-Center and the Feedback-Community. They also collect data via surveys, for example what you’d want to see in our products. The coolest thing: We were even allowed to listen to a support call.

Afterwards – thanks to our Sales & Business Development department – we learned a lot about our partners and distribution channels. We also received a good overview about the Avira Partner Academy. Here partners are able to qualify themselves for better sales margins by participating in webinars. After all: The better a partner knows our products, the better he is able to help a customer and bring our products to the market.

Onboarding @Avira - meeting room

After lunch Andreas Flach, Executive Vice President of Products and Services, fired questions at us and – at the same time – was available for our questions. We had a lot of them: About Avira, values, products, and departments. But the highlight of the afternoon were the experts from the virus labs. They delivered insights about the team, techniques, and of course about their (re-)searches concerning malware.

A round of feedback and a tour of the headquarter ended the Onboarding event.


For me such a vast Onboarding event is just perfect. It provided me with a fine grasp of Avira, the products, and processes. Additionally, we talked to old and new colleagues and socialized a lot. Many questions were answered and as a beginner you even were able to brainstorm and to produce new ideas which were received well. All in all: In my opinion this is a good method to bring new employees aboard.

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