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Celebrate Oktoberfest in the Avira tent

Oktoberfest is a massive festival, especially for that German subset known as Bavarians. With lots of drinking, singing, dancing, and reconnecting with friends, it is a fluid metaphor for life. And with the Avira slogan of “Connecting people in a connected world,” here is what the Avira tent could be like in that Oktoberfest called life.

Step right in, no Oktoberfest ticket required

First off, entrance to the red, umbrella-shaped Avira tent is free. And it’s been that way for a long time. Avira has long had a basic security app that was completely free, in parallel with a premium product with additional security features. There is no mandatory entrance fee. Just slide up to the bar and make your choice.

It’s a virtual Reinheitsgebot

Five hundred years after the launch of the German Reinheitsgebot (Beer Purity Law), it’s time to state that everything served at the Avira bar is Reinheitsgebot. For beer, this means that the beverage is made of just malt, hops, yeast, and, of course … water. No surprise additives leaving a bad taste in your mouth. For Avira, Reinheitsgebot means clean code, each app is what it says it is, and no Potentially Unwanted Apps mysteriously added to your device. Avira’s Reinheitsgebot – keeping your PC free from unwanted ingredients and additives.

Take a look at that bar menu!

There is a wide selection of apps on tap at the Avira bar. Here’s a quick rundown:

Avira Free ‘Helles’ AntivirusThe free Antivirus provides essential protection that is light on the tongue, the device, and the pocketbook. The classic, clean protection known by millions around the globe.

Avira Antivirus Pro – Comes in a premium Pils for Windows and a Weisse version for Mac users. Full-flavored protection with a direct line to the waiter for your extra service needs. Certified, best in class performance. Just think of it as a Sunday beer that is great all week long.

Avira Phantom VPN – A hoppy IPA from Portland, Oregon, a Belgian Kriek lambic, or something else. The choice is yours: Draw your own beer with no geographic restrictions and do it privately with the Phantom VPN.

Avira Speedup – “Bei Ihrem PC sind Hopfen und Malz verloren?” Probieren Sie Avira Speedup.
(Hopfen (hops) and Malz (malt) are both ingredients that can be used in accordance with the Reinheitsgebot. The saying ‘Hopfen und Malz verloren’ means something like ‘He’s a dead loss, He’s hopeless’. So the above play on words literally means:

Your PC is a dead loss? Try Avira Speedup. It’s a lemon-enhanced Radler for active people that want to make their device as speedy as they are. Or maybe it is actually a Doppelbock with that extra strong kick to get you going. You decide.

Yes straw, no Mass

You won’t see a huge one-liter Mass in the Avira tent. That is so old school. Instead, everyone has a straw that connects them straight to the tap via the Avira Protection Cloud. Not only does that ensure you have always a fresh drink, it also means Avira can use its AI capabilities to keep you safe from malicious lounge lizards.

Scout out the options

Want to check out a different tent – but do this privately, without letting a world of trackers following your every move? And almost as important – do it simply, without a flotilla of other security apps required? Welcome to the Avira Scout – the easy and free way to increase your online security and privacy.

Keep the bugs and noses out

In old-style pubs, the beer glass might come with a pewter lid to keep out bugs and flying cookies. In more modern times, people defend their beer by placing a beermat atop the glass. In the Avira tent, just grab AppLock+ to keep nosy people out of your device.

Just enjoy yourself

Whether in a real Oktoberfest tent in Munich or a virtual Avira tent, the point is to enjoy yourself. Prost.

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As a PR Consultant and journalist, Frink has covered IT security issues for a number of security software firms, as well as provided reviews and insight on the beer and automotive industries (but usually not at the same time). Otherwise, he’s known for making a great bowl of popcorn and extraordinary messes in a kitchen.