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The new Avira Phantom VPN: Stop exposing yourself online!

Avira is now protecting users from exposing themselves online with the release of its new Avira Phantom VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Avira’s Phantom VPN for Windows and Android keeps you covered – virtually, of course – by encrypting all communications between your device and the Internet, shutting eavesdroppers out from your private communication and stopping cybercriminals from capturing your data. Avira Phantom VPN also masks your devices’ true IP address, enabling you to browse anonymously and helping you unlock geo-restricted content.

Unsecured public WiFi networks are known to be vulnerable to virtual Peeping Toms, but the use of VPNs among consumers is still shockingly low. A BITKOM survey on cybercrime found 68% of users had antivirus software installed on their devices – but only 9% used a VPN.

Without a VPN, data packets sent to your devices can be sniffed out and read by a passerby (‘man-in-the-middle’ attack) or captured from the router itself. This captured data can be more than that embarrassing message content, these packets of data also tell where you are and give out details about your device.

But with the Avira Phantom VPN, your data packets are placed in a secure and encrypted envelope – something like certified mail. For this reason, VPNs are a mandatory component in most corporate laptops used for traveling and remote office log-ins.

“As more people bring their laptops into cafes and log into banking sites and online accounts from their smartphones, they risk exposing themselves online,” stated Melanie Weber, head of the VPN project at Avira. “We’ve made Phantom VPN free and very simple to install on both your Windows and your Android devices. There’s no reason not to get it today.”

Avira Phantom VPN provides superior benefits in four major ways:

• Protects your individual privacy. Without a VPN, online activities are being constantly tracked and analyzed. With Avira Phantom VPN, you can control what personal data is collected.
• Secures and anonymizes your browsing. Avira Phantom keeps others from eavesdropping on online activities and the data exchanged with friends, online shops, and banking websites.
• Opens up the internet. Some news channels, social media, and video-streaming websites cannot be accessed from certain regions and countries. Avira Phantom unlocks these geo-restrictions.
• Applies across all your devices. Phantom VPN can be used on almost all devices, including PCs with Windows 7 or newer operating systems and Android devices running 4.0.3 and above

The Avira Phantom VPN is available free to all users. Unregistered users have a data allowance of up to 500MB/month and registered users with a higher limit of 1GB/month. Users subscribing to the Pro version also receive unlimited data traffic.

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