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Mobile Banking Threats: Secure your mobile device

Nowadays, we tend to use our mobile phone for browsing on the Internet much more than we do with our PC.  The reason is that it is easier and handier to read an email or pay a bill using our mobile device than to turn the PC on, wait for the browser to load and so on. Unfortunately, we do not pay the same attention when it comes to our smartphone’s security as when it comes to our computers. This is the cause of over 4 million financial attacks targeting mobile phones only in 2014. In 2012 alone, one of the most renowned mobile banking threats also known as Zeus stole about 47.000.000$.

It’s safe to say that phishing emails and infected websites are the weapons of choice to secretly install malware on victims’ phones. Cyber attackers usually wait until their victims log into their online banking accounts to steal their passwords and usernames. With an accomplice – injected code – they secretly add fields to the banking portal, asking for mobile phone numbers. In order to intercept SMS messages, including authorization codes from the bank, they use an infected app, which is sent to the victims as a “security app” via SMS, requesting them to install it. It is very important to know that the bank appears as the “sender” of the SMS.  That’s the reason why many people tend to trust this sort of SMS without realizing that their bank account will soon be drained.

Avira helps you avoid this type of cyber-attacks by offering a host of high-end security apps on both Android and iOS platforms. Important features such as blocking all banking Trojans and infected apps from ever getting onto your smartphone or pinpointing your phone’s location on a map will help you increase the level of security and protect your private data.

When in the modern Wild West, do as banditos do. You can rely on Jesse James’ 6-step Guide  to counterwork the tactics used by gunslingers, hardened banditos and garden-variety hackers. Once you read it, you should be sure that outlaws have no chance to threaten your smartphone’s security.



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