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Mac malware alert is good news

Not everyone would be really happy about the news that Avira Antivirus had blocked malware on a friend’s Mac – but Boris Cipot was.

As the product manager of the Free Antivirus for Mac, the news took his work from the theoretical to actual reality. “It’s really the proudest moment in a product manager’s life, when you hear how your product is actually working on the ground,” he stated.

Mac AV OS X 10.11

And work it did. A Mac user was simply surfing along on his Mac, doing probably what every other user does, when malware was detected. The detection alert appeared, the malware was blocked from entering the Mac, and the user went away impressed. The detection was so ordinary, Boris didn’t even get any additional details about what the person was doing online or even the type of malware that was detected. “The news just tells you what you are working for — simple, efficient protection of people,” explained Boris.

Boris’ job is to shepherd the product through the various life cycle stages. One element of this is to have Mac Antivirus ready for review by various 3rd party testers such as Tom’s Guide or CNET. But while they try to emulate what can happen, they still don’t have the user’s feelings and emotions when faced with a real malware attack in the wild, wild world.

“When you hear something from a real user, it’s like the sun coming up on a brand new day,” said Boris. “It’s evidence that your product really works and your development team is doing a great job.”

As a product manager for Avira, Boris is a lightning rod for bad news, when something is not working quite the way it should: “People turn to me to report problems, and when something is good – they rarely call.”

But this time, he got the call.

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