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Jumping Jack FLASH, It’s Patch Day!

It’s time to patch your computer again, with Adobe and Microsoft each rolling out patches to over 70+ security vulnerabilities.

The winner – at least in terms of vulnerabilities – is Adobe’s Flash Player  software with 78 issues. Microsoft placed a close second with 71 issues – although two of them are already being exploited by hackers.

Flash Player animation has long been popular way of viewing videos in the internet – and it’s also a major way of getting infected with malware. The barrage of Flash update requests creates a situation where many users have “update fatigue” and simply ignore the reminders – creating a security risk for themselves.

One option is to get rid of Flash entirely. “If not, update always … instantly,” said Thorsten Sick, leader of the new Avira Scout browser project.

For Avira, Flash is an open quandary. As a company, we recommend not to use Flash because of the well-known vulnerable code issues and the slow update cycles for this software. While it is still a mainstay on many computer browsers, there are now replacements available. “HTML5 can replace it without leaving a gap,” he pointed out.

As noted in Krebsonsecurity, a leading source of cyber-crime news in the US, there are a variety of ways to get rid of it – or at least to reduce the risk. But for the majority of the world’s computer users, the next best solution is to update each and every computer regularly.

Happy updating.

As a PR Consultant and journalist, Frink has covered IT security issues for a number of security software firms, as well as provided reviews and insight on the beer and automotive industries (but usually not at the same time). Otherwise, he’s known for making a great bowl of popcorn and extraordinary messes in a kitchen.