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HowTo: Create an iOS backup for your devices

Creating a backup isn’t that hard. If you’ve read our article “Backup like a pro” you know how it works for your computer. But iOS devices are somewhat different so we would like to explain how an iOS backup works.

Why should you create a backup?

Do you like your data? Do you want to keep it in case of damage, loss, theft, after an update, or if you buy a new iOS device? Then it’s quite easy: You really do want to create a backup.

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What are your possibilities for an iOS backup?

You’ve got two possibilities: You can save your data on iCloud or you can save it by using iTunes like you did with your PC. Which of these two possibilities is the better one? It’s your decision.

Storage location: Saves your backup in iCloud.Storage location: Your backups will be saved on your Mac or PC.
Storage space: Up to 1TB and the first 5GB are free.Storage space: Depends on the space of your Mac or PC.
Encryption: Your data is always encrypted.Encryption: Deactivated by default but can be activated.
Access: You can access your data from all your devices.Access: Your data is located on your Mac or PC and you can just access your data on these devices.
Creation: You can create your iOS backup anywhere and you just need to be connected to a WiFi.Creation: You Mac or PC needs to be connected to a WiFi.
Not included in the backup:

  • Data already saved to iCloud (e.g. Contacts, Calendar, Notes, “My Photo Stream”, iCloud Photo Library)
  • Data from other cloud services (e.g. Gmail, Exchange mail)
  • Apple Pay data and settings
  • Touch ID settings
  • Content from the iCloud Music library and from the App Store
Not included in the backup:

  • Content from iTunes and the App Store
  • PDFs loaded directly to iBooks
  • Synchronized content from iTunes (e.g. imported MP3s, CDs, videos, books, photographs)
  • Data already saved to iCloud (e.g. “My Photo Stream”, iCloud Photo Library)
  • Apple Pay data and settings
  • Touch ID settings
  • Activity, health, and key data

How do you create your backup?

You’ve decided on one of the possibilities? Awesome! Then we can start now. Here you can find a description for both possibilities.

This is how you create backup in iCloud

  1. You need to be online with your device connect to a WiFi network.
  2. Tap on the app “Settings” and scroll down to “iCloud”. Tap on.
  3. Scroll down to “Backup”. Activate the iCloud backup option and start your backup with “Create backup”. While the backup is being created, you should remain connected to the WiFi.
  4. Monitor your success! Follow the path “Settings” -> “iCloud” -> “Storage” -> “Manage storage” and choose the appropriate device from the list of available devices. Next to the relevant backup, you should see the creation time as well as the size of the backup.

And now for iTunes

  1. Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your Mac or PC. Then open iTunes.
  2. Confirm the message “Trust this computer” and respectively enter your code.
  3. As soon as your device is displayed in iTunes, select it. Click on “Create backup”.
  4. Was your backup successful? Check up on that! Follow the path “iTunes settings” -> “Devices”. The name and the point of creation time will be displayed.

Now you have the tools needed to save your data. Let us know how the experience went. Have you already created such a backup in the past and how was your experience?

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