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International Mother Language Day and Avira

At Avira, we are aware of the crucial importance of linguistic diversity. We are happy to have such a great multilingual community and we would like to thank all of you for trusting in us for yet another year.

UNESCO set this date as a day to commemorate, but the origins of this celebration have a tragic background. In 1952, within the area now called Bangladesh,  police killed a group of Bangla-speaking students. The reason? Demonstrating against the government’s decision that Urdu should be the country’s only language.

Languages worldwide are facing an uncertain future. One could argue that there is a global trend towards monolingualism and that there is a handful of international languages that are, little by little, pushing people to stop using their mother language.

But what is our take on this? Well, we have great plans for our 2016 language portfolio! We want to contribute to language diversity, helping our users access our products in the language they feel most comfortable with – their mother tongue. This means improving the languages we have right now and adding even more.

Is your mother language missing from our products? If yes, you could  help many people get free security by translating into your mother tongue via our crowdsourcing platform Avira Lingo. But that is not all, top contributors  get a prize!

Are you already an Avira Lingo translator and you are wondering when will your translation go public? Well, first of all, many thanks for your contribution! Stay tuned, there will be news soon.

To us, your opinion is really important. So if you have any linguistic feedback, feel free to leave a comment below.

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