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InstaAgent – The App Who Does FAR More than It Promises

Be honest – you’d love to see who took a peak at your profile on Instagram (or for that matter any profile you have on the web). It’s quite normal and certainly nothing to feel ashamed about. Sadly Instagram doesn’t offer this option, which most likely explains the popularity of third party apps that promise you to fill in and show you what you want to know.

‘Who Viewed Your Profile – InstaAgent’ was one of those apps – perhaps you‘ve even heard of it. Until yesterday it was available in the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. It was pretty popular, too! According to MacRumors it was the number one free app in Canada and the United Kingdom.

Now you might ask yourself what’s so bad about it and why was it yanked from the different app stores. Weeeeeeell, InstaAgent not only sent your Instagram username and password to a remote server in cleartext, it also used the account access to post images on your Instagram in order to promote their app. Luckily German iOS developer David Layer-Reiss discovered the issue – and promptly tweeted about it.

If you’ve downloaded and used InstaAgent, make sure to delete the app immediately. Your next step should be to change your Instagram password as soon as possible. If you use the same username / password combination on other sites don’t forget to change those ones, too.

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