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Hemingway meets usability

The app analyzes the text entered into its editor and then provides a readability score. The app also highlights sentences that are hard to read, very hard to read and sentences that contain phrases with simpler alternatives, adverbs, and the passive voice – which are just the types of solecisms that Hemingway chased from his prose.

The technical writers at Avira thought it would be interesting to discover what Hemingway (the app) thinks of the tooltips in the  recently redesigned Avira Free Antivirus for Mac.


The results are in and they’re very good, despite the app flagging up numerous (essential) adverbs in sentences such as, “In the background, automatically scan files …” and “Scan your computer for malware and potentially unwanted applications,” with the phrase “potentially unwanted applications” was also making two sentences very hard to read.

So the interesting question is, how does Hemingway (the app) rate the opening paragraphs of “A Farewell to Arms” by the veritable Hemingway? See for yourself below.