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Happy Back to the Future Day, everyone!

I remember watching the movie as soon as it was available in video stores. My parents rented it for my brother and I because we loved the first part and basically begged them to do so. What we got was a phantastic ride 25 years into the future. Flying cars! Incredible 3D movies! Hoverboards! Back to the Future II got it all and more. The movie’s version of the future held so many promises, we couldn’t wait to finally reach the year 2015 and experience it all first-hand.

Jump to now.  The future has finally arrived. But is it everything we expected back then? Let’s take a look.

Stuff that we actually have


Well. Not really. But then again, yes really. While they are nowhere as cool as in the movie (at least not yet) and not ready for mass production (and even if they were you’d still only be able to use them on a magnetic surface) they are real. There was even a Kickstarter to get one of the prototypes going!

Video Calls and Flat TVs

I remember how cool I thought it was to call someone and see the person in real time while doing so. On a big ass wall-mounted flat television screen no less. To be honest, it doesn’t seem that impressive anymore nowadays. My 1989-self would totally hate me for that remark …

Tablet PCs

Marty had them, we have them. Let’s move on.

Auto Lacing Sneakers

Thanks Nike, for making those. Even if they are just a limited edition. And don’t really auto lace. But thanks!

3D Movies and Jaws 19

Ok ok. It was more or less holographic movies, but c’mon, 3D movies are close enough. And they are everywhere. It’s a love-hate relationship though, with some people loving them like crazy and some hating them. There just is no middle ground.

Also: Jaws 19 is totally real. ; )

Stuff that we are still waiting for

Flying Cars

Well, there are planes that are disguised as flying cars. But in the end we still have to use the good old roads. Sadly. We might have self-driving cars soon, though. Somehow that doesn’t make me feel better.


Wait what? They are on this list, too? Yes, they are. At least I am still waiting for the real deal.

Dehydrated Food (Back to the Future scale)

To be honest we have some, but nothing nearly as complex as the dehydrated Pizza. Considering how artificial it would most likely be, I am glad about it.

While the list could be a lot longer, I’m going to stop here. I think I actually managed to cover the most important things. All in all, our version of the future doesn’t look that bad, and we at least got some of what Zemeckis ‘promised’ us in his movie. Now, if we only had those hoverboards …

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