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Hadoop User Group meetups sponsored by Avira

Throwback #HUGMunich

More than 50 people attended the first meeting from the HUG series on July 17th in Munich, Germany. The location, Studio La Cave, in Munich’s Gärtnerplatzviertel, was the perfect environment for networking and debating around the theme of the event: “Couchdoop and other consumer use cases from the Hadoop ecosystem”. Our two speakers proposed interesting talks involving Hadoop, Couchbase, Flume and authentication (abstracts available here).

Cornel Balaban took the audience on a journey through “Customer authentication in NoSQL paradigm”, showing that NoSQL is able to provide the perfect mechanism for building fast applications. His presentation was based on the characteristics of SAUTH (Soft Authentication), a backend application that authenticates and manages a company’s users, the products and devices they are using while offering complete anonymity and privacy for them.

Calin Burloiu’s presentation evolved around his current research project – Couchdoop, as he chose to approach the theme of “Using #Couchbase, the fast NoSQL database, with Hadoop”. To sum it up, Couchdoop is a Hadoop connector for Couchbase which is able to import, export and update data. Couchdoop can be used both as a command line tool and as a library for MapReduce jobs, thus being a better alternative for the official Couchbase Sqoop. Avira uses Couchdoop as an interface to import documents from Couchbase to Hadoop Storage without facing the risk of data loss if a node fails.

Both presentations raised many questions from the participants, which kicked off a very productive dialogue and breakout discussions between our speakers and the audience.

Open invitation to #HUGBucharest

The next event from this year’s series of Hadoop User Group meetups is scheduled to take place in Bucharest, Romania, on August 21st. Avira engineers and experts from other companies will be giving presentations and talks on Real-world Hadoop applications built in Bucharest. You are all more than welcomed to join the event here in order to receive real time updates on the agenda and the list of attendees. Worried about not being able to attend the event? Follow our Twitter account for #HUGBucharest real time updates all throughout the event, just like the live tweet we did for #HUGMunich.

PR & Social Media Manager @Avira.