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Hacking can be more than just an annoyance

Since more and more devices are using technology and the Internet, some hackers are looking to impact people’s lives in an even more personal and drastic way.

For example, a recent article published by Forbes highlighted the critical security vulnerabilities that can be present in key infrastructure from electric and water companies. Just imagine having one or more hackers responsible for seriously disrupting water and power supplies to entire communities. Temporary outages are one thing, but prolonged hacking could start to impact residents in profound ways.

In addition to that, Wired wrote about the problems that hospitals could potentially face with security. If networks aren’t kept secure, then hackers could access critical medical devices. This access might enable them to use the devices to either harm patients or prevent them from working so they’re not able to help the patients. Quite literally, this is a security threat that can mean life or death for the affected patient.

Scary scenarios, but it’s important to be aware of them. Utility companies and hospitals provide important services for the public, but unfortunately, they’re not always up to date when it comes to security. This has to change. Since regular people need to take steps to protect their computers and devices, then it only makes sense that these large organizations would need to do the same thing. After all, all of us rely on them to provide their services when we need them.

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