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Hacking Android with Mr. Goodwrench

Hacking conjures up an image of a medieval alchemist toiling away in a dark cave. with a nefarious mix of code. But a better image would be of a friendly mechanic fixing your car.

He knows how things work – and he’s supported by a big toolbox of wrenches and special tools. That’s how it often is with hackers. They have some technical skills – and they have a toolbox of special tools that help them along in the task at hand. And like your friendly mechanic, these tools are readily available.

Techworm just compiled their list of the Top 15 hacking tools and the list is … intriguing. Here are the three I believe are the most interesting:

  • FaceNiff – allows you to sniff and intercept web session profiles over the WiFi and find passwords for Facebook, Blogger, Twitter, Amazon, Tumblr, and more online accounts.
  • Shark for Root – sniff network traffic and gather data from WiFi networks.
  • Zanti – includes almost all security tools related to hacking any WiFi networks.

A full third of the the top apps are focused on hacking WiFi networks – testing them, stealing passwords, manipulating online activities, and more. The article does clarify that these tools should be used for ETHICAL hacking and penetration testing – finding out wholes in a network’s security as opposed to exploiting these vulnerabilities for fun and illicit profits.

But back to the mechanic – a flat-bladed screwdriver is an extremely useful tool. It also was the perfect device for hot-wiring my old Chrysler station wagon. The difference was all in the application and the goal – and the car had no influence over the process.

So when jumping on a WiFi network at your local café, just remember that there are a number of tools out there designed to eavesdrop on your communication and hack the connection. Protect yourself by using a VPN such as the Avira Phantom to encrypt your communication and keep hackers out of your online life.

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