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Hackers wreak chaos in popular multiplayer game Atlas

Gaming has become ever so popular – and while there are games that target to very specific interests, there are also games that speak to the wide masses, like Fortnite, League of Legends, and World of Warcraft.

Atlas is a game that probably is somewhere in between. Released in December it was rather anticipated and has since then gathered a decent playerbase. For the game that’s actually more important than you might think: It is a pirate themed multiplayer game that is supposed to support several thousand players in the same world.

Hacked – not once but twice

While multiplayer games are generally great fun they also attract hackers and cheaters – so generally all kind of people who want to get back at other players, the company, or, well, the world in general.

This happened to Atlas as well – sadly not only once, but twice. The first hack was kind of what normally happens: A hacker compromised an account and spawned airplanes and tanks in a world that is more or less set in colonial times.

PewDiePie again!

Sounds bad enough? Well, it wasn’t the only time that this happened to Grapeshot Games, the developers of the Atlas. The next attack was launched just a few days later – this time thanks to a technical exploit.

At first it was a flood of whales, but soon after the gamers using the exploit began spamming “subscribe to pewdiepie” in the server message.

It is definitely not the first time that we have seen the message. PewDiePie seems to have way too devoted fans who do not know when enough is enough – after all they’ve already hacked printers (and more) in their plight to make sure PewDiePie wins the battle against T-Series.

Atlas is back to normal

Now the game – Atlas – is back to normal. As one would suspect there was an emergency maintenance and some account bans. On top of that the developers had to roll back the servers. Players were compensated though, so hopefully no one will get too angry.

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