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Hackers dig popular topics

For example, events and topics that are interesting to a large number of people are especially dangerous. Many hackers have the goal of attacking as many people as possible. So if they’re going to plant a trap online, then they’re probably not going to do it with a boring topic.

The recent World Cup is a good example of a major event that hackers used to wreak havoc. An article from EnterpriseAppsTech highlighted how it was reported that 375 fake World Cup apps were created that targeted Android devices in addition to approximately 2,000 daily cyber attacks that took place during the event.

The World Cup may be over (although we’re still celebrating Germany’s win), but there are plenty of other events and topics to watch out for when clicking or tapping through the Internet. As a first step to protecting yourself, make it a practice to think twice before you engage with content that you find scattered in various corners of the Internet about extremely popular things. This could be content related to celebrities, entertainment (movies, television, music, games), sporting events, top news stories, and so on.

The good news is that with a proper amount of caution and our software by your side, you can feel safe while you research those big topics that everyone seems to be talking about.

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