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Hackers attack and take down RWE website

If you have an eye on what’s hot in German news nowadays you should have come across the occupation of the Hambacher Forst. The Hambacher Forst is an ancient forest near Cologne, Germany – and recently it has been decided to cut it down. Why? Because RWE, a huge energy group wants to expand its open pit coal mine. As expected not everyone is happy with it.

The occupation does apparently not go far enough for some people though: The website of RWE has not been reachable for an extended amount of time on Tuesday morning. According to the company itself the reason was a massive distributed denial-of-service attack.

Main suspect Anonymous?

As of now there is still no indication as to who was behind the attack. There is however an Anonymous Germany YouTube video in which a masked person threatens the energy group to withdraw from the forest.

Police complaint against unknown

While there is no evidence that Anonymous is responsible for the DDoS attack on RWE it would not be the first time for the hacker collective to show their hacktivist face for a cause they deem worthy: Some other causes they were involved in were the Occupy Movement, and campaigns against the Church of Scientology and child pornography.

RWE has filed a police complaint against unknown attackers. It remains to be seen if the real hackers will be found.

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