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Hack a Tesla and win $900 000 and a Model 3

Tesla’s are still all the rage – they are luxurious high tech cars that give their owners everything they could want and more. Thanks to their exquisite design and extravagant features they are also not the most inexpensive cars you could get.

That’s why it’s even worse if a Tesla gets stolen due to some exploits and / or software bugs, something that was actually done in the past.

900 000$ and a Tesla Model 3

Thankfully Tesla is working on the security of their cars very thoroughly and generally encourages security researcher to find and report vulnerabilities in their software. They reward up to 100-15000 dollar to people who reward unreported security issues.

Now with Tesla Model 3 on the horizon they go a step further: During the Pwn2Own security conference you try your luck and hack one of the cars and get a price of 900 000 dollar – and if you are the first one to find a bug in the software you can also win a Model 3 as well.

There are several categories in which you can attempt your luck. They range from Key Fobs or Phone-as-Key (an issue that has plagued Tesla Model S) to infotainment and more.

Image: Zero Day Initiative

All in all this is a good step into the right direction to make sure that the software and connected parts of a car will stay secure.

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