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Here it is – Google’s new Pixel smartphone

Copying technology is an intrinsic part of the tech industry. It’s not just about Dropbox vs. iCloud or Snapchat vs. Instagram – it happens everywhere. And this isn’t bad! This head-to-head struggle between new direct competitors often leads to a competition for new features – which is great for end-users. Google’s Pixel smartphone is no exception to this as its design and features strongly reminds people of the iPhone 6S and 7.


Google Pixel Smartphone
Google’s Pixel smartphone

The Pixel smartphone

The “small” Pixel

Height: 12,7cm
Display type/size: AMOLED, Full-HD
Battery: 2,770mAh battery

Pixel XL

Height: ca. 14cm
Display type/size: AMOLED, Quad-HD
Battery: 2,770mAh battery

Both smartphones use the high-end Snapdragon 821 processor and are running with a special Android version which also supports Google’s soon-to-be launched Daydream virtual reality. It also comes with 4GB RAM, the choice between 32GB and 128GB of internal storage, Bluetooth 4.2, and (don’t even forget about it) a plug for earphones. For Google. it was important to emphasize the latter 😉

More features

Google Assistant

Pixel is the first smartphone which supports Google’s new assistant. As you might have previously experienced with Siri or Cortana, the assistant is able to display photos from a certain time or place. In addition, it can play your music, reserve a table in a restaurant, and can also show you reviews about it.

Unlimited Cloud storage

For full-screen resolution pictures and videos made with Pixel, Google offers unlimited Cloud storage.

Integrated fast-charging

The fast-charging capacity of Pixel is really fast: Just 15 minutes of charging is supposed to bring you up to 7 hours of energy for your smartphone. Of course this value strongly depends on the way you’re using the smartphone – many open apps often means greater battery usage and less hours of life without a charge.

Virtual reality – also for your smartphone

Pixel is the first smartphone compatible with Daydream. In addition to buying Pixel, you can also buy the “Daydream View” headset which enables you to wander through virtual reality. Here you can visit famous museums, far-away cities, and even other planets. Furthermore, Google Street View and 360-degree-videos from YouTube are also available. With Daydream View and in just a few selected stores, you also will be able to visit the magical world of “Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them” by J.K. Rowling.

Technical support: 24/7

Technical phone support is available and it’s directly integrated into the Pixel software. If necessary, support is able to look directly at the content on your display to solve your issue. No word yet about the privacy and security implications.

With the release of the new Pixel, a new range of positive experiences and negative aggravations are to be expected. What would it take to temp you into buying a Pixel?

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