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From Hacker to Security Force

Well – at least Kevin Mitnick decided to do so. In the early 90s Mitnick became the world’s most wanted hacker. He hacked into and stole corporate secrets of more than 40 major corporations. Some even suspected him of wire-tapping the FBI. No wonder he eventually ended up on the FBI’s most wanted list!

The fact that he managed to elude being captured for years just proves how careful, successful and good he was at what he was doing. It took another computer expert, namely Tsutomu Shimomura, to track him down in the end.

According to Mitnickwas charged with wire fraud, interception of wire or electronic communications, possession of unauthorised access devices, unauthorised access to a federal computer and causing damage to a computer. After five years behind bars he was finally released from prison in 2000.

We already know what life currently looks like for Higinio Ochoa, another convicted hacker. Mitnick decided to use his skills for good and founded his own company, Mitnick Security. In addition to that he has written and published several books and is a public speaker.

To find out more about Mitnicks life as a hacker and his current activities, head over to to read the whole article.

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