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Your free wifi map for airports, Flughäfen, Aeroporti, Aéroports

Your free wifi map for airports

Airports are pretty boring if you spend more time there then you expected or want (flight delays, anyone?). Especially if you are in a foreign country with exorbitantly high roaming fees.

Now you could of course just read like one had to in the Dark Ages before laptops, smartphones, and the internet in general – but come on, who wants to really relive those horrid times? 😉 The easiest and best solution is to use the local airport’s internet and just start surfing away. Sadly not all airports feel like you should be able to do so for free.

And that’s where Anil Polat comes in. The travel blogger and computer security engineer created a very useful interactive map of wireless passwords from airports and lounges around the world.

Just click on one of the little airplanes on the map and a window will pop up that includes the name of the airport and a description/password.

To keep the map up to date, Anil counts on the community and asks them to send in passwords for different access points at airports as well as updates: “Please don’t forget to send me any airport or lounge wireless passwords you come across from anywhere in the world! It will help me keep this list, plus the map, updated and help a lot of other travelers.”

There is also an app available for iPhone and Android. So if you don’t have any passwords to share you can always support Anil by buying it for your smartphone.

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