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Flaw in Can Be Used to Hijack iCloud Password

The flaw lies in the, Apples default e-mail program for iOS. According to security researcher Jan Sourcek “this bug allows remote HTML content to be loaded, replacing the content of the original e-mail message. JavaScript is disabled in this UIWebView, but it is still possible to build a functional password “collector” using simple HTML and CSS.“ To reduce suspicion the code even detects if someone has already visited the page in the past by using cookies. If this was the case it stops displaying the password prompt.

This means that hackers could easily create phishing mails which show a form that looks exactly like the iCloud login pop-up window everyone knows. The user would be asked for their username and password, which – once entered – would then be transmitted to the cybercriminals.  Just take a look at the below concept-of-proof video to see how easy it would be to trick the unsuspecting user!

Sourcek discovered the flaw in January 2015 and informed Apple immediately. Since then no action has been taken in order to fix said vulnerability. In the hope that it will make Apple take the bug more seriously, the security researcher has now published his findings together with a proof-of-concept video and the corresponding code.

Feel free to follow this link in order to find out more about the issue.

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