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The best five Android apps for 2018 - Android-Apps, Applications Android, App per Android

The five best Android apps for 2018

Whether you want to manage your finances, better organize your life, or plan all the good things you’re going to do from now on – the new year offers a host of opportunities. Here are the five best Android apps for 2018.

Wallet – Money, budget, and finance tracker

The best five Android apps for 2018 - in-post

What could be better at the start of the new year than to finally tackle your finances and get them under control. This is where Wallet helps out. The app’s design is clear, makes it easier to get an overview of all your outgoings, and shows you where you can make savings – it also makes it a breeze to manage your finances. You can even sync your bank account with the app, so you always know how your finances stand at a glance. It’s available as an Android app and as a desktop version.

Wallet is free, but it only supports a single user and has some minor restrictions. You can upgrade at any time and keep your data – you can then also manage your finances across multiple accounts. This is really handy if your kids or teenagers have their own accounts.

To get Wallet just go and visit the Google Play Store. – To-do list, calendar, reminder

The best five Android apps for 2018 - in-post

Getting your life under control is half the battle, as we all know. But sometimes, we could all do with a helping hand – this is where is perfect. I’ve never seen a better app for keeping to-do lists – and I say this after trying out several apps. In the end, I kept going back to Besides the standard reminder functions, the app has a calendar overview, a snooze function for events, and is really easy to use. But the absolute highlight is the Moment feature. Every day, the app will flash up on your screen your pending events and tasks at a time of your choice. You can then mark each event or task as done or reschedule them directly. It’s a practical way to prepare for the day, go through what tasks you’ve got to do, and respond spontaneously to any changes. is free. Upgrading to the paid version costs €2.49 per month and comes with priority support, the ability to collaborate with other users, and additional designs.

To get the app just go and visit the Google Play Store.

If you like, you should definitely check out the Cal app from the same developer. It’s an easy-to-use calendar app that works seamlessly with, syncs with your Google Calendar, and offers several handy features that many other apps lack. You can also get Cal for free. To do so, just go here.

A beta version of a virtual assistant was launched recently in the US. It works in a similar way to a concierge, with the assistant taking care of tasks such as buying presents and arranging their delivery, scheduling events, and a whole lot more. It isn’t clear yet when the service will be rolled out to other countries, so it’s worth keeping an eye out.

HabitHub – Tracker for habits and goals

The best five Android apps for 2018 - in-post

Does this sound familiar? You start off the new year with lots of good intentions and ideas to improve your life a bit. Playing more sport, reading a book again, sorting out your paperwork… This is where HabitHub helps out. Simply enter into the app your different habits that you want to track. Once you’ve done this, you will be nagged to complete them if you have configured this option. You can record which habits you’ve actually completed at which time, giving you a simple and very clear overview of areas you can still make improvements in.

HabitHub is free, and in-app purchases let you add different designs and other tracking options. To get the app just go and visit the Google Play Store.

Fabulous – Motivate yourself!

The best five Android apps for 2018 - in-post

Like HabitHub, Fabulous also lets you establish new habits and get more out of life. The difference here is that Fabulous provides appropriate tips. Besides yoga and meditation, it also includes exercises to improve your concentration, to get a better night’s sleep, and to inspire you more.

So if you need a little nudge to finally gain control over certain aspects of your life in 2018, Fabulous is perfect for you.

The app is free, and the basic version offers you a good overview of the app’s capabilities. In-app purchases offer additional exercises and tips.

To get Fabulous just go and visit the Google Play Store.

Hydro Coach – Water drink reminder

The best five Android apps for 2018 - in-post

It’s important to drink enough fluids. We all know this, just like we know the unpleasant side effects of not drinking enough. These can range from headaches, nausea, lack of concentration, or a drop in performance. Despite this, many people still find it difficult to drink enough water. This is where Hydro Coach comes into play. The app uses your gender, age, weight, and activity level data to calculate your personal water needs. It then reminds you regularly to drink a glass of water. After just a few days, you’ll get into a better rhythm and pay much more attention to how much you drink.

The app is free. To get it, just go and visit the Google Play Store.

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