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Bundeswettbewerb der Bereitschaften, paramedics competition

Germany’s Federal Paramedics Competition – we were on-site

The  56th Federal Paramedics Competition of the German Red Cross ( took place on September 17th in Wangen. Avira was one of the sponsors and was actively on-site at the event.

What is a paramedics competition?

It is all about first aid — accessing the needs and responding. The competition measures how well paramedics are able to perform various procedures to save human life, offset dangerous situations, and react to health disorders.

Even before this event started, the participants had already qualified themselves in many local, regional and national competitions. They had to showcase their knowledge by passing through several checkpoints where they executed practical and theoretical tasks.

On the one hand, the German Red Cross hosts these competitions to get get a better grasp of insights into the educational level of their voluntary paramedics. On the other hand, the event also strengthens the group identity for thousands of voluntary Red Cross paramedics. As a result of these competitions, they gain experience in teamwork and can perform even better in real life situations.

Injured kids and other scenarios

The 56th competition of German Red Cross included a wide array of people. It included 17 groups with 6 participants each. Each of these groups had 1 team lead, 1 standby, and 4 team members demonstrating their abilities. Then there were the victims: About 50 victims played out their injury and disaster scenarios with realistic props and a penchant for acting; the judges/referees: 50 referees kept an eye on each group and the victims, allocating points at each station. And the volunteer volunteer support groups: Yes, about 160 more volunteers helped out at the site to help this entire event to succeed without really getting hurt. With about 400 people involved, it was quite an action!

On different stations, paramedics had to show their skills in accidents, stabbings, explosions, water rescue, and potential rescue missions. And the winner of the 56th Federal Paramedics Competition of the Red Cross was the team from Ibbenbüren.

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Avira at the German Red Cross competition

But how Ibbenbüren and the 16 other teams got to the competition in Wangen is another story — and one that Avira is personally proud of. Two years ago, the local paramedics group at Wangen won the title and therefore was allowed to host — but not join — this competition.

“By winning this competition you’re not allowed to participate in nation-wide competitions for two years.”
explained Martin Held (CoCoordinator of the competition, VP of the local Red Cross association in Wangen and Security Manager Products & Services at Avira) in the Schwäbische Zeitung (German newspaper)

By supporting the competition we at Avira remain true to our principles: “We protect people in a connected world.” – online and offline. And yes, we’re also proud of Martin and his work to make the world a more secure place — in and out of the office.

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