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Howto: Encrypt your messages in the Facebook messenger, Howto: Nachrichten im Facebook-Messenger verschlüsseln

How to: Encrypt your messages in Facebook Messenger

Currently Facebook is rolling out a new encryption function. With this, you’re able to encrypt messages within the Facebook Messenger. But, it doesn’t work for all kinds of chats and is only available for the smartphone apps. And as opposed to WhatsApp, this function isn’t activated automatically.

Why should you activate this function?

According to Facebook by activating this function neither Facebook nor any governmental institution will be able to look into your chats and their content. Furthermore, encrypted chats are highlighted in a different color than normal chats. Sounds great, no? But all that glitters is not gold – Facebook messenger offers limited functionalities for encrypted messages.

The secret chat has only limited functions

The encrypted chats are exclusively available for 1 to 1 chats. You can also only see these messages on the two devices where the conversation takes place. This means you cannot see your conversation on one of your other devices logged into your Facebook Messenger account. Also, it’s just not possible to encrypt videos, GIFs, voice and audio messages.

This is how you activate the encryption

Howto: Encrypt your messages in the Facebook messenger

Open the Facebook Messenger app on your smartphone.

  • If you’re using an iOS device: Tap on “Me” and on “Secret conversations”.
  • You’re using an Android device: Open your settings and tap on “Secret conversations”.

In both of the apps, you now have the possibility to activate encryption for your smartphone. But that doesn’t ensure encryption of all from now on! The function to encrypt your current chat is available as soon as both you and your counterpart activate it as described. And it’s required to activate the encryption for every new chat.
You don’t want to save these secret conversations eternally? Then here you have the possibility to delete all your encrypted chats at once.

Although you might want to activate this function in an instant, it’s not possible for all users yet. Facebook rolls out its new features step-by-step, so your neighbor might already have this feature – but you don’t. In this case, check back regularly to review your settings and see if this function of the Facebook messenger is available on your device for you to use.

Is the new function of the Facebook messenger already available on your device and do you use it?


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