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Craving for entertainment? Learn how to enjoy it without restrictions - divertissement, intrattenimento

Craving for entertainment? Learn how to enjoy it without restrictions

Online entertainment has a very important and complex role in our lives: you don’t watch it only for relaxation, but also to empathize with the characters and feel like you have experienced some new stuff (for which you don’t have enough time to do in your real life) or to have interesting debate topics while drinking your morning coffee at the office.

Sadly, all pleasures come with a price – this time, we’re talking about our online privacy. I know, you’ve heard of some creepy stories about online dangers before, but it can’t and won’t happen to you. And anyway, you’re not the only one enjoying watching vlogs or YouTube tutorials on how to edit your pictures – according to a Google Survey done in 2017* – you’re one of the 78% of Americans who watch online video content. So, the more people with the same online behavior, the lower the chances of having your private data misused, right?

Step one: know your enemy

But none of these assumptions are true – every click on the Internet is a potential risk to your online security and privacy. Throughout 2017, Avira detected over 4.5 billion instances of malware on devices protected by Avira Antivirus, and according to a report from Ofcom**, 22/% of Americans had their emails, social media accounts, or their bank account accessed by an unauthorized person.  This doesn’t sound so safe anymore, does it?

Nevertheless, the first step to stay protected while enjoying online content on your PC or smartphone is to be aware of the risks.

In the US, one of the most wide-spread online threats from 2017 was a type of malware – HTML/ExpKit.Gen2 (15,725,500 detections)*** – this malware family takes advantage of vulnerabilities that are found in websites and tries to get inside your device to steal personal data and/or install undesired applications. Imagine that this can happen by opening the wrong website while searching for information about Super Bowl 52.

Step two: always follow 4 simple rules

Still, there are ways to stick to your normal online habits without putting your online privacy in danger. You can feel safe with every click you make by following these simple steps:

  1. Install an antivirus software – it might sound old-fashioned to you, but having an effective antivirus in place is mandatory. Enjoy a careless online experience while Avira Antivirus protects your digital life.
  2. Use a VPN – VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it has become as mandatory as an antivirus. A VPN helps you to:
  • Watch your favorite shows, even if you’re on the road
  • Safely connect to public Wi-Fi anywhere
  • Keep your private communications safe from eavesdroppers
  • Escape from getting your online IP tracked

In other words, Phantom VPN will make you unhackable, untraceable and uncensored.

  1. Change your passwords regularly – Ideally, you should have a different password for every account so if you’re worried that you might forget them or that it would take too much time to come up with so many strong passwords every three months, get a Password Manager.
  2. Keep your device up to date – this is an essential activity when it comes to your online security. Each device contains a wide range of apps requiring lots of updates and patches, so if you choose to do this manually, you might not have enough time left to watch the Academy Awards online.

But there’s a simpler way to do that – install a software updater – it will do the job for you allowing you to relax and have a pleasant time while being online.

Following these 4 rules has never looked so simple – you have the possibility of choosing from a great range of solutions. Internet Security Suite makes your digital universe a safe and comfortable place to enjoy your favorite shows and music. If you’re aiming for a VIP experience – you should try Avira Prime, the industry’s first all-in-one subscription service that provides you and your family or friends with a convenient, no-obligation coverage for all your online security, privacy, and performance needs on whatever device you want to use.


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**Source: Ofcom
***Avira Protection Labs report – Figures available for August, September and October 2017

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