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Avira Offers PRIVATE WiFi Encrypted VPN in new bundle

Users who purchase the new bundle will be fully protected against malware and data theft. Our Antivirus Pro is built upon some of the most cutting-edge antivirus technologies available, allowing millions of users around the world to no longer worry about malware.

PRIVATE WiFi Encrypted VPN completes the package perfectly, as it provides users with a personal VPN (Virtual Private Network) to automatically encrypt data transferred over any WiFi network.

Protection on the move with your personal VPN

“Avira and PRIVATE WiFi Encrypted VPN have a common mission: to offer people best-in-class digital protection, wherever they are. In a world with increasing mobility, we decided to provide our customers with protection on the move: our German engineered antivirus that fights against all types of viruses, combined with a professional encryption service that prevents any phishing attacks from happening” said Thorsten Bruchhaeuser, EVP Sales and Business Development at Avira.

With all the hidden dangers encountered by users accessing public WiFi hotspots, it has become essential for users to add an extra layer of protection for their sensitive data. A VPN will encrypt Internet traffic and protect the users’ WiFi connection from prying eyes and hackers. No attacker will be able to intercept the signal anymore and grab sensitive data out of “thin air”.

Alok Kapur, President and Chief Operating Officer of PRIVATE WiFi said “We are excited to join forces with Avira in creating a complete protection bundle. Users who purchase the package will be in possession of the best weapons to fight against all types of digital attacks and they will no longer have to worry about their private data ending up in the hands of others without their consent”.

Our new product bundle from Avira will be distributed via its partner network globally and will be available both in German and in English.

PR & Social Media Manager @Avira.