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EFF Privacy Report 2015: Which Companies Have Your Back?

On Wednesday the EFF published their yearly report called “Who Has Your Back? 2015: Protecting Your Data From Government Requests”. It answers important questions like which companies follow industry-accepted best practices, tell their users about government data demands, disclose policies on data retention or government content removal request, and oppose backdoors.

For the EFF report 24 companies are evaluated and being awarded (or not awarded, depending on the outcome) stars in the five categories mentioned above. Nine companies managed to get stars in all of them: Adobe, Apple, CREDO, Dropbox, Sonic, Wickr, Wikimedia,, and Yahoo.

Facebook and Twitter received four out of five stars, with Facebook “not providing transparency into ways it cooperates with the U.S. government to block content and remove accounts” and Twitter „not providing notice after an emergency has ended or a gag has been lifted”.

The worst rating with only one star went to WhatsApp who at least opposes backdoors but seems lacking in all other privacy regards. The EFF recommends WhatsApp to “publicly require a warrant before turning over user content, publish a law enforcement guide and transparency report, have a stronger policy of informing users of government requests, and disclose its data retention policies.”

Take a look at the full report to find out more.


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