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From Data to Insights: Data Science @ Avira

From Data to Insights: Data Science @Avira

Data is at the heart of Avira. In many places throughout Avira the task of extracting insights from massive amounts of data is key. We want to follow the tradition of other data-driven companies like Google with their Unofficial Google Data Science Blog and Facebook with their Research at Facebook blog, and share our data stories and experiences from within Avira with interested data scientists around the world.

On this account, we just launched From Data to Insights: Data Science @ Avira.

This blog series will include in-depth posts on machine learning, statistics, predictive modeling, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, data visualization, big data technology, and other data science techniques and methods in the context of Avira relevant problem domains, including

  • virus and malware detection,
  • customer insights,
  • natural language processing, and
  • business intelligence.

Stay tuned for our first post!