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Breached Credentials lead to cyber fraud at Ebay’s Stubhub

Last week more than 1600 user accounts at Stubhub had their accounts compromised and their credit cards used to purchase tickets without their knowledge. Each user was defrauded an average of $625. It is the second breach at eBay this year. This time the cybercriminal gang compromised the user accounts without directly getting access to Stubhub’s servers. Instead they accessed the accounts using publicly available user credentials from recent security breaches.

“These legitimate customer accounts were accessed by cybercriminals who had obtained the customers’ login and password either through data breaches of other websites and retailers, or through the use of key-loggers and/or other malware on the customer’s own PC” authorities announced at a press conference. It highlights the dangers of users using the same username and password across multiple websites, some of which are storing their credit card details. This is another example of user’s not realizing the importance of updating their passwords and account details on a regular basis, and immediately after their details are compromised in any security breach.

Avira users can check to see if their credentials have been compromised in any recent security breaches by using the Identity Safeguard checker inside the Avira iOS and Android apps that are available for free on the Playstore and Appstore. Please check today and avoid becoming another next victim of cyber fraud!

Director of Research and Development at Avira