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CryptoMix: Ransoware claims to donate ransom to children in need

Ransomware is the kind of malware a lot of people dread. It encrypts your files so you cannot access them anymore and demands a payment (most of the time in bitcoins) that’s always way too high.

CryptoMix is such a kind of malware: Once on your PC it demands a ransom so you can get your files back. It comes with a twist though – according to a new ransom message you’ll see if you ever get infected by it, the money will be used for a good purpose.

CryproMix – the unremarkable ransomware

CryptoMix has been around for some time. First discovered in 2016 it apparently is a mix of CryptXXX and CryptoWall. So far nothing there has been nothing remarkable about the malware.

It basically works like every other ransomware out there: It first goes to work secretly in the background until it triggers the locking mechanism. The blackmailers then notify you via an onscreen message that all your files are encrypted and you have to pay up in order to get them back.

Kid’s names lifted from crowdfunding sites

The message one sees is normally straight forward: Pay us money, and you’ll get your files back. CryptoMix has changed their game though, according to Coveware. The ransomware tells victims to contact the cyber criminals via mails. They reply they get is a surprise: Apparently the money they’ll have to pay will go to charity.

Source: CoveWare

This of course is a blatant lie. To make it more believable and perhaps persuade a couple of victims they have taken information from crowdfunding websites. They also claim that if the money will be payed, the donation will include the victim’s name.

Don’t pay – no money will be donated

One thing is clear: The criminal minds behind CryptoMix know exactly what they are doing. They hope to take the sting out of the ransom payment. No money will ever be send to any children in need though – everything will 100% go to the criminals.

If you ever get infected by this ransomware make sure to not fall for their mind games and don’t pay up. None of the money will ever be donated and in the end is remains unsure if you will get your files back.

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