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The Struggle For the Right Browser Name

First off let me tell you guys: you are awesome. We received a lot of mails with ideas for a browser name. And when I say a lot I mean like a gazillion. At least! Thanks a lot for all of your suggestions and thoughts on what we could name our browser.

That said, there are quite a few names that are really really cool but will not make it – some for obvious and some for less obvious reasons. It would be a shame though, to let them all go to waste without mentioning them somewhere. Which is why I wanted to share at least a couple of the coolest/funniest/weirdest browser name suggestions with you guys. So let’s get on with it!

The first thing your entries showed us is how diverse and wide spread our community is. We received great suggestion from all over the world in different languages:

  • Fahad – Which is the Arabic (فهد) name for “Cheetah”
  • Ghataħmar – It means “Red Umbrella” in the Maltés language
  • Marcapada – Traditional Javanese language. It means “The World”
  • Abhipsa – The Sanskrit word for “desire”.
  • Ameya – An Indian name meaning “Boundless”
  • Aamin – “Safe/Secure” in Somali
  • Babsea – Basque for “Protection”

Some names were just plain cool:

  • Anakin Skybrowser – The dad of Luke Filewalker
  • SnS – Shield and Sword
  • Andúril – Lord of the Rings, anyone?
  • AUNTIE B – Avira’s Universal Net Terrestrial Integrated Encryption- Browser
  • Avira C.O.P. – Avira Comprehensive Optimized Protection
  • A-Wing – Avira Wing (I want to give a small shout out to Larri: Thanks for all your Star Wars inspired name suggestions. Being the Star Wars fan I am, I loved them! 🙂 )
  • Bacon – Tasty browser, is it?
  • Bogglehead – ‘nuff said
  • ICU – I see you
  • Lil Panda B – Pandas … so cute!
  • Sir Captain Crunch – Sir on the outside, crunchy on the inside.
  • Shaggy B. – ><

And last but not least a noteworthy mention: The Greek and Roman Gods will definitely pleased; I believe we received almost the whole Pantheon via mail. For good measure there were some Egyptian ones in between, too.

You clearly put a lot of thought into the names  – some of you even wrote a small slogan or a text why you chose that name specifically – and I cannot state enough how grateful and happy we are for a community of users like you. I wish I could share all of the browser names with you, but there were just way too many. We read and considered each and every one of your suggestions though!

Thanks again, I hope you enjoyed the names as much as we did. Stay tuned for more news concerning the browser name, soon™.

EMEA & APAC Content Manager @ Norton & Avira | Gamer. Geek. Tech addict.