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Conficker is kind of back

Remember Conficker? The malware, also known as Downup, Downadup or Kido, was big in 2008/2009 and infected millions of computers including government, business and home computers in over 190 countries. And now it is back. Well – kind of anyway.

Researchers from iPower have reported that they discovered the malware in the Martel Police Body Cam with GPS. They were actually even shipped with the Conficker malware preloaded on it! Said cams are mostly used by police forces in the US who clip it onto their uniforms.

“When the camera was connected to a computer, iPower’s antivirus software immediately caught the virus and quarantined it.  However, if the computer did not have antivirus actively protecting the computer it would automatically run and start propagating itself through the network and internet. iPower staff proceeded to test the virus in a virtual lab environment, and did confirm that the virus was not a false positive.  iPower uploaded the files to Virus Total, a web based application designed to test computer files for viruses and the site verified iPower’s findings,” iPowers says on their page.

Luckily almost everyone is using an antivirus nowadays – and every halfway decent one will be able to block the attempt to execute and unleash the Win32/Conficker.B!inf worm virus. Sadly the same cannot be said for the IoT (Internet of Things). Security here is lax and a lot of the devices are definitely not built with it in mind. If there is any, this would be Conficker’s chance for a dramatic comeback.

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