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12 Days of Christmas Gift – Tech Toys for Tech Lovers - Weihnachten, Noël, Natale

12 Days of Christmas Gift – Tech Toys for Tech Lovers

As Christmas approaches, we begin thinking about what we’re getting for our loved ones this year. Will it be a useful (but boring) kitchen appliance? Tickets to a concert? Or will we step it up a bit and find a gift that really speaks to them as a person AND hits their love of tech?

If you know someone who skews toward the world of technology, we offer you our top 12 tech gift ideas to help you be the hero of this holiday season.

Our Top 12 Tech Gifts

  1. Wi-Fi enabled home speaker – They are becoming almost ubiquitous as more and more people/families utilize their capabilities of playing music, answering questions, managing your smart home devices, and playing games.
  2. Headphones – There are so many different kinds of high-end headphones you won’t have to look very far in any store or online tech retail site to find the perfect set of headphones (wired or wireless) for that special someone in your life.
  3. Waterproof speaker – If the person in your life wants to listen to music in the shower or out by the pool or other body of water, a Bluetooth-connected waterproof speaker can be an amazing techie gift. If it gets wet by accident (or “accident”) … no problem!
  4. Drone –From small affordable drones to bigger ones that take high-res photos or movies, drones speak to the techie nerd in all of us.
  5. Phantom VPN – Surf the web anonymously and privately. Every techie needs a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to mask their IP address and climb over firewalls and geo-blocks. Use it on both desktop browsers and on mobile phones. Phantom VPN Pro offers military-grade encryption, unlimited bandwidth, and prevents ISPs from tracking you.
  6. Vintage Instant Cameras – In the 1980s, instant cameras were all the rage and many of our grandmothers had one to instantly capture that classic family moment on the fly. Thirty plus years later, the instant camera is back with full-size or smaller size picture formats inviting users to “shake it like a Polaroid picture.”
  7. VR Headset – Virtual reality is taking the world by storm, and 2017 brings some affordable choices for Virtual Reality headsets. Yes, you can still spend hundreds on a headset, but there are cheaper versions that still deliver the visual experience your Christmas-gift recipient is craving.
  8. Streaming subscription for your TV or laptop – If you or a family member/friend don’t have a streaming account, what have you been waiting for? There are multiple options out there … just shop for the one that gives your loved one the shows he/she want to watch and sign them up.
  9. A.I.-Assisted Computer Security – Pretty much everyone has a computer, and pretty much everyone has an anti-virus software installed. But the new generation of security software is harnessing Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to stop not just viruses but also ransomware, hackers, phishing attacks, identity theft, and other ‘user errors’ that can compromise safety while online. Try giving your techie friend a year’s license to our AI-assisted antivirus, or better yet, think about a Pro license that combines antivirus, VPN, speed optimizer, and everything else into an all-in-one security subscription. Of course, Avira can help with either choice.
  10. Fitness Tracker – Many might already own one already, but the new fitness trackers are more accurate. For people who take their personal health seriously, a fitness tracker is a proven winner when it comes to paying attention to calories burned, steps traveled, and overall wellness.
  11. Smart Home Devices (lights, speakers, etc.) – Smart homes are starting to come into their own and now there are lightbulbs, thermostats, TVs, home appliances, and many other items you can buy to enable a smarter home electronic experience. Visit any electronic store, home improvement store or any online website that sells electronic equipment.
  12. Smart Device for your TV – If you haven’t purchased the latest Wi-Fi enabled TV, you can always turn your existing TV into a smart TV by purchasing a streaming device that can play movies and TV shows based on your favorite streaming subscription package. If you want to cancel your cable bill, you can use your streaming device to watch anything your subscription allows.

For more ideas and shopping resources, visit Avira’s website and the blog over the weeks leading up to Christmas – we’ll be hosting contests and give away licenses, offering gadgets that you can give as Christmas presents this year. As always, we hope this holiday season is one of health, hope, happiness, and lots of great techie gifts under the tree!

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