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Avira customer service makes the highest grade

The German Chip magazine answered that question in its latest review of customer service hotlines in the German-speaking areas of Europe. They called 169 companies, made 10,843 calls, and spent 20,404 minutes in the call queue in their exhaustive rating of customer service across 12 sectors

Companies were graded in four areas – service, waiting period, accessibility, and transparency – and then results were weighted and rated. Only companies scoring above the fixed Chip threshold were awarded the highest “Upper Class” rating.

img-Z18115920-0001-1Avira is proud to report that it made the highest “Upper Class” rating. Here is a picture of the certificate. While Avira is quite pleased with this certificate and the rating by Chip – we know that this did not happen by accident. It took a lot of hard work by the entire team covering Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

For the non-German speaking Avira users, this extensive test is also positive marker of Avira’s customer service. While Chip specifically focused on this one region, Avira shares best practices across its entire global customer service teams. We work hard to provide the same upper-class service to our users – whether they speak German or another language – everywhere around the world.

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