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“Call me,” says Blondie … and Avira

Telephones may just seem outdated in this online world. But when the internet connection is down and something is messing up your computer – you really need an AV that says “call me any day or night” for help and get a real usable answer from the other end.

“The quickest way to get assistance is to pick up the phone and speak to one of the manufacturer’s support agents,” explained AV-Comparatives in their test of user support. They called nine AV vendors and recorded their response to three simple real-life questions in a test originally requested and commissioned by PCgo and PC Magazin Germany:

  1. How do I schedule a scan?
  2. How can I activate a trial version of the product with a license key?
  3. How can I reactivate disabled protection?

Avira’s customer service was scored at the “Outstanding” level after answering each of these questions.

The Avira response started by answering each of the three test calls in less than a minute. AV-Comparatives noted they received “clear and effective instructions over the phone for entering the license key and setting up a scheduled scan, while the agent dealing with the disabled protection used remote control to take control of the PC and resolve the problem.”

The AV-Comparatives test specifically looked at the English-language help desk operations for users in the United Kingdom – which is a fairly small segment of the Avira user base.

As Blondie sang, “I know where you’re calling from.” Avira’s customer service is providing inbound support for users via the phone in English, French, German, and Italian. And, in English this support is provided 24/7. In addition to phone support, Avira also provides support via email and social media channels.

Support options with Avira

The AV-Comparative test questions were well chosen, pointed out Ralf Reschke, team manager of the German language customer service at Avira. “They are a pretty good assessment of actual calls. Most of the calls we receive are about installation topics – malware is pretty rare.”

No calls about designer sheets either.

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