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Break the hourglass, Zerschlagt die Sanduhr, Battez le sablier, Rompi la clessidra - Game of Thrones tv show

Break the hourglass

It’s not just in your head, the “hourglass syndrome” has been clinically shown to have a negative impact on your psychological well-being. The good news is that you don’t need to cast a spell, summon a dragon, or launch a war party to get rid of it.

It’s a too familiar situation: After waiting months for its release, you carefully plan out a binge-watching session of your favorite series. An escapist time of intrigue, mystery, and epic battlefield scenes is moments away. Preparations are complete ahead of the starting moment: Popcorn is hot, the beverage is cold, and the couch comfortable.

You press the play button but nothing happens. Refreshing the page isn’t helping either, the episode won’t start.  Restarting helps, but by then your mood is sour and the beverage is warm.

Welcome to the hourglass syndrome

We all have been hit by the hourglass syndrome – even if we did not know what to call it. Hourglass syndrome is a term for that frustration many feel when they see that spinning icon which indicates their computers are processing large amounts of data – and they will just have to wait while their lives are being held up in cyber-time

Technically speaking, this icon shows that the computer is buffering its activities,      receiving more data than it can immediately show. It could be making a large math calculation or simply receiving streaming content faster than it can process it and display it on the monitor.

You are not alone

However irritated you are, just remember – you are not alone. A recent study analyzed the reactions of over 1,200 viewers to a buffering delay while they were watching streamed media content. Of this sample set, 27 percent of viewers had an increased feeling of surprise during the buffering period, indicating that for 73 percent of the test audience, this unwanted wait was not a completely new sensation.

Your happiness is at risk

There was more to viewers’ reactions than a momentary surprise. Hourglass syndrome victims had a clear negative impact on the viewer’s entire online experience.

    • Happiness level plummeted 14 percent
    • Negative emotions such as disgust and sadness jumped by an average of 8 percent
    • Viewer focus fell by 8 percent and attention declined by 3 percent.

Get your show on the road

When you sit down at your device, you want to get the show on the road – and not be delayed by a slow boot time and dragging performance. And, you also want to do any needed cleanup as quickly and as automatically as possible – one click is best.

That’s why we have Avira System Speedup. System Speedup is a powerful utility helper that gives you one-click cleaning/device optimization, saving you time when it comes to cleaning up your device – and those irritating times when your device makes you wait.

Speedup your fun

Avira System Speedup is the one-click cleaner that allows you to schedule an optimization and get systemic improvements to remove the Hourglass syndrome.

One click is all it takes to get started with Avira System Speedup. During the first scan, Speedup runs your computer through a series of algorithms and scores it in three areas: hard disk, performance, and privacy. With these scores displayed on the new dashboard, you can gauge your computer’s current status – and where it could be. Cleanup itself is just a moment away as Speedup suggests what should be cleaned and gives you a clear view of the options. Speedup cleaning gets results in three critical areas:

  1. Boot optimizer helps reduce the total startup time by analyzing applications used during startup and sorting out the essential ones.
  2. Defragmentation helps reorganize files on your hard disk, reducing the time needed for your computer to put the pieces together again.
  3. Power modes enable you to save energy – or boost performance – according to your needs.

Free System Speedup and its premium version can be downloaded on our website and the major download sites.

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