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Banned From the Internet: The Life of an Ex-Hacker

Higinio Ochoa, a former hacker who went by the name “wOrmer” when online, talks about it on Reply All. He recounts how he got the ultimate punishment for his crime: “I’m not to touch any computer, smartphone or device that has internet connectivity. That would be against my rules.”

Just imagine how hard it would be for you to not be allowed and use the internet. It’s everywhere nowadays – you shop online, you chat with your friends and family online, you sometimes even have a job that requires you to be online all the time!

Ochoa is a programmer, which means he still works with computers. Not being allowed on the internet makes this job pretty weird though: He codes from his home in Austin, but in order to get whatever he did to his boss, he has to actually put the file on an usb stick and mail it because he is – of course – not allowed to use an email program.

Find out more about how Ochoa lives without the net in the digital age in this article on Digg or listen to the Reply All podcast over here. He also talks about what he did to get arrested and his first computer experience.

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